Urban and Parkside Gardens

Garden coordinator leads a workshop in the USC Urban Garden.

Urban Garden

The USC Urban Garden was established in 2010 as a partnership between the Office of Sustainability and the non-profit organization Urban Farming. Located in the yard of a USC-owned house on Shrine Place, the garden is free and open for students, faculty, staff, and our neighbors to use. Neither pesticides nor chemical fertilizer are used to maintain the garden.

Parkside Garden

Contact ktsanders@usc.edu to request a tour or information.

Located on USC campus, the Parkside Garden is a fully organic garden space featuring:

  • A full-scale solar powered aquaponics system with goldfish, catfish, and freshwater lobsters
  • Several urban growing systems (raised bed gardens, “growing socks”, vertical growing systems, and self-watering pots)
  • Three vermiculture worm composting systems (flow-through and stackable), which are fed with local juice scraps from the campus juice bar
  • Two additional food-scrap composting systems (tumblers and three bin static pile)
  • Fully-automated drip irrigation