Green Tailgating Tips

Help USC achieve our waste diversion goals by recycling and composting your tailgate trash. Look for recycling and landfill bins throughout tailgating areas as well as USC’s new multi-stream bins with compost, and dispose of your waste appropriately. Together, we can divert thousands of pounds of tailgate waste from local landfill.


After every game several thousand plastic cups litter the campus grounds, creating a sea of trash. Ditch the disposable and pick up some reusable cups. The same is true for utensils, plates, and decorations. By reusing items, you not only generate less waste, but you also reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing and shipping of disposable and recyclable items. If you’re worried about bringing grandma’s best china, hit the thrift store or Target for inexpensive reusable and unbreakable cups, dishes, utensils and cloth napkins. Skip the balloons, throw a Trojan football instead.


You can recycle more than you think! All bottles, cans, cardboard, paper, and plastic with a recycle number 1-7 can be recycled on campus in the recycling bins. By making the effort to put your material in the recycling bin rather than the trash, you reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill.


Food waste, soiled paper products, or compostable serviceware can be disposed of in green compost bins that you will likely find in the ticketed enclosed tailgates, as well as at our new multi-stream bins, found in various locations across UPC campus.

Bulk Up:

Purchase your food and beverages in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging. Pair a *ahem* bulk beverage container with reusable cups for an unbeatable combo. Remember, reusable cups come in all sizes, allowing for greater variety than 16oz. Get your friends to chip in and buy your food in large quantities to save some green while going green. Getting fresh chips from your local restaurant in paper bags provides the best tasting chips and allows you to compost the paper bag after they’re all gone- no plastic to put into the trash. Avoid “snack” sizes of anything; more plastic, less taste.

Go Local:

Make your food and beverages from local ingredients. Buying local supports the Southern California economy and reduces emissions and packaging needed for transporting products from a greater distance. Worried, you’ll miss your brew? Los Angeles has a number of local breweries who may be able to package a tasty beverage in bulk for you to enjoy.

Slow Your Roll:

Take the train, bus or carpool. The Metro E (Expo) Line has three stops adjacent to campus and two that are next to Expo Park. Plan your trip. Reducing the number of vehicles that come to campus and the Coliseum on game day reduces congestion and air pollution, optimizing Trojan lung capacity (for playing or cheering). Worried about lugging stuff on the train? Rethink what you need: bring recyclable containers for drinks, food in compostable containers (paper), pick a shady spot to enjoy your tailgate and roll up blankets to bring with you in your bag.