Center for Excellence in Teaching

Grace Ford Salvatori Hall.


Cardinal CertifiedThe Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET) is an innovative initiative envisioned by faculty for faculty. The CET Fellows are a group of creative faculty, well-recognized by their peers, and committed to excellence and innovation in teaching, learning, and scholarship. Since its inception in 1996, as a full-time faculty development organization, CET’s work has been undertaken by its Faculty Fellows, led by CET’s Director, and supported by a very small staff.

CET seeks primarily to treat teaching as serious intellectual work that merits sustained focus at a research university. By providing the training, feedback, and resources to make excellent teaching possible, we assist faculty and teaching assistants to think of college courses, and out-of-class activities, as opportunities for them to define, practice, and advance their disciplines (and inter-disciplinary collaborative work) through teaching and mentoring.