Annenberg Development and Alumni Relations

The Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism includes 75 full-time faculty members and more than 1,900 undergraduate and graduate students.

Trojan Certified

Our department is spread out into 3 different areas – we have people on the 3rd floor, ground floor and at Kerckhoff. We all have either individual offices or shared office, which present unique challenges regarding sustainability.

“Personally, having my lamp turn off every time my computer goes to screensaver mode took a little getting used to; I have to constantly move my mouse to have my lamp come back on. I’ve had a couple of co-workers express concern that they saw the janitors dump both their regular and recycle trash cans into the same big trash can. I tried to observe when the janitor was emptying my trash can, and I think that they just have separate trash bags inside the big trash can that they roll around. Working with the janitorial staff was critical for us to ensure recycling was actually happening.”