2014 Graduates Victoria Chu, Elliott Lavi, Britanny Cheng, and Justin Bogda

While holding to the ideal of scholarship with consequence, USC must prioritize sustainability, its core concepts and integrative elements, as an educational and research imperative. To meet this imperative, we need to embrace the cross-disciplinary nature of the sustainability challenge, building on foundational efforts such as the Wrigley Institute, Energy Institute, and Center for Sustainable Cities. As a university, we must promote environmental literacy and train the next generation of sustainability leaders to work across disciplinary boundaries with ease. Facilitating the translation of knowledge will promote equitable progress and societal advance.

In recognition of the importance of sustainability as a “wicked problem,” Provost Michael Quick established the Sustainability and Security advisory group, chaired by Dean Yannis Yortsos, to explore interdisciplinary, evidence-based, convergent approaches to studying the subject. It will partner with governmental and non-governmental organizations, community partners, philanthropic and private foundations, and all interested parties to address these crucial issues.

Goal 1: Encourage the development of environmentally literate students and faculty.

  • Incorporate sustainability into the breadth of knowledge expected of our graduates
  • Assess student and faculty understanding of sustainability principles

Goal 2: Develop degree programs that train students to be practitioners of sustainability studies and science with a curriculum that embodies breadth and depth.

  • Provide incentives for developing sustainability courses on campus
  • Develop an interdisciplinary sustainability curriculum committee

Goal 3: Develop excellence in research that includes cross-disciplinary studies, promotes competitiveness in grant applications and produces transformative findings.

  • Recruit prominent scholars to help establish USC as a leading institution of sustainability research
  • Support a community of interdisciplinary sustainability researchers with assured long-term funding

At the core of USC’s values is scholarship with consequence.  USC has many disciplines that offer environmental research and program opportunities.