Zack from Los Feliz

Level Achieved: Gold
Highlighted strategies:
Reusable cups
Compostable paper straws
How many years have you been a fan of Trojan Football?  - 16
How many years have you been tailgating on campus for USC football games? – 9
Who is your all-time favorite USC player? - Troy Polamalu
Please highlight some of the changes have you made to go "zero waste" at your tailgate:
Reusable cups for all consistent attendees, no Styrofoam, recycling bags, reusable utensils/tablecloths/etc.  We drive a prius to the game.  Solar powered iphone chargers.
What zero waste tailgate tips would you like to share?
Reusable cups.  It's a fun way to be sustainable, people feel special when they have their own customized cups.
Why did you sign onto the zero waste tailgate certification program?
To support the green initiative at USC and show that you don't have to be a huge tailgate to make an impact.
What is your greatest memory in the LA Memorial Coliseum?
The 2004 fourth and goal stand against Aaron Rodgers and the Cal Bears.  The Coliseum has never been louder; we were on the 50 yard line and 15th row feeling like the whole stadium was going to collapse on us.    Carson Palmer diving over the pylon in the South-West corner to win against Oregon State is a close second as far as sheer excitement goes. 
What is your favorite zero waste tailgate recipe?
Blue Mamba Margaritas:
Reusable pitcher (5 gallons) since 2008
4 Parts Tequila - 100% Agave (Kirk Signature is a good, affordable option) - Recycled bottle
2 Parts Triple Sec - Bottom Shelf will do here - Recycled Bottle
1 Part Sweet - Agave Nectar - Recycled Bottle
1 Part Citrus - Limes, Oranges & Lemon – Compost
Float a Gran Marnier shot if you're feeling fancy
Stir vigorously, then let it sit in the jug with a ton of ice for an hour before the game
Small high-ball glasses, served on the rocks
(No Straws!  For the sake of the environment and your sobriety!)
What makes you a unique fan?
I'm not necessarily sure this makes us unique, but we're all genuinely nice people who have found a good balance between fanaticism and reason.  All are welcome at our tailgate, no matter what team they're cheering for, as long as they have that same balance... and obviously no Styrofoam.  ...otherwise our USC-sweater wearing 8lb mutt of a guard dog named CashMoney will scare them off. 
Anything else you'd like to add?
A quick shout out to 1st Lieutenant Jimmy Barker - one of our best friends, most crucial tailgaters, custom t-shirt maker and USC alumni - currently deployed in Arifjan, Kuwait.   Tailgating won't be the same this year without you, buddy!

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Zack from Los Feliz
Zack from Los Feliz
Zack from Los Feliz