Energy Conservation

3.2 Million gallon thermal energy storage tank beneath Cromwell Field.

USC Initiatives

USC prioritizes energy conservation and efficiency when doing upgrades to operational systems on campus. Current initiatives include:

LED Lighting

FMS is installing LED lighting and occupancy controls in buildings with an expected 50% reduction in lighting energy use and an extended service life of 10 years. The use of LED lighting in classic exterior light poles is being piloted and has been installed around KDC and other select locations. USC Housing has installed LED lighting upgrades in multiple UPC and NUPC buildings. At Keck Hospital, LED lighting has replaced roughly 9,000-11,000 T8 lamps. This project had a net cost (after rebates) of $159,956, annual savings projected at $216,490 and a simple payback of just under 9 months.

Keck Hospital Building Automation

Keck Hospital engaged a consulting group to bring the building systems onto an automated platform. This platform helped identify problematic components of the building system (air handlers, dampers, etc.) and prioritize maintenance and replacement of poorly preforming components. This program has demonstrated $110,509 net savings in its first year and is expected to produce a net savings of $1,461,659 over five years.

Chilled Water System

Buildings which have individual stand-alone chillers are being pulled out of service and are being connected to the campus chilled water system. The campus chilled water system uses chillers which are typically 25-35% more efficient than the stand alone systems. Where connection to the campus loop is not readily feasible, new energy efficient chillers are being installed.

Fluorescent Lighting Ballast Replacement

FMS has replaced nearly all of the old ballast units on the lights on both campuses with new, energy efficient units.

Energy Dashboard

USC Housing utilizes Lucid Energy Dashboards in its UPC buildings for real-time electricity monitoring and public interface.

LEED Certified Buildings

The Ronald Tutor Campus Center and the Broad CIRM Center are LEED Certified. The Engemann Student Health Center and Fertitta Hall are pursuing LEED certification.