Dorm Energy Competition



The Do It In The Dark energy competition is officially over!! 
We will be calculating the winning dorm this week and announcing the winner at the
GARBAGE TO GOLD Earth Week event on Wednesday at 6pm in MRF 102. Dinner will be served at the event, so show up for free food, exciting news, and a great discussion!

It's a battle of the Towers: Pardee Tower and Marks Tower face off in a dorm energy competition.

This one-month competition will measure the energy use of these two freshman dorms. Throughout the month, informational sessions will take place for the students to learn how to reduce their energy consumption.

Every resident of the winning dorm will get a prize!!  The winning building will be rewarded with free massages during finals!!

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WOW, this competition ROCKS! Prizes for saving the planet!!!

Also, you can sign up for your floor's myActions page! This website helps you keep track of your own personal environmental impact reduction:
Marks Tower Teams:

Update of Events:

3/29: 5.18kW/hr Marks Tower; 3.6kW/hr Pardee Tower

3/28: 5.3kW/hr Marks Tower; 3.6kW/hr Pardee Tower



3/27: 5.16kW/hr Marks Tower; 3.65kW/hr Pardee Tower

3/26: Info+education session tomorrow March 27 at 9pm in the Marks Tower lobby. Come learn about the competition and ways that you can lower your energy use! Free give aways will be handed out!

The first 10 people to show up also get free Yogurtland coupons!
3/22 PARDEE takes the lead! Using 3.5 kW/h, while Marks Tower bumped up to  using 4.9kW/h

3/21 Marks Tower is still in the lead!

3/20 Marks Tower is beating Pardee Tower: 3.16/person vs. 3.3/person, respectively.

3/19 - Competition begins!

  • Marks is using 3.57kWh/person, while Pardee is using 3.52 kWh/person.