Zero Waste Tailgate Certification Program

Zero waste is the goal of diverting all end-use material from the landfill or incinerator, while achieving a minimum of 90% diversion.  

The USC Office of Sustainability is thrilled to kick off this exciting program.  We are here to assist you in making your tailgate (big or small), a zero waste event.  Zero waste can be achieved a number of ways: reducing the material used, the use of reusable items (plates, cups, etc.), and recycling “waste” materials into new materials (e.g. cardboard, cans, bottles, compost).

Recognizing that the reuse of materials is less energy intensive and more environmentally friendly, we are creating two levels of certification: Cardinal and Gold.  Both levels of certification achieve zero waste and are to be commended, however, the Gold certification level focuses on the reuse of items and materials rather than recycling alone.

To Certify your tailgate as a zero waste:

1.Download Calculator: Click Here
2.Fill out tailgate profile
3.Fill out zero waste tailgate tool
4.Email complete tool to

*Please don’t forget to include date you would prefer to be certified.

View Certified Zero Waste Tailgates