USC Sustainability Partners with Ink for Education to Alleviate Student Loan Debt

USC Sustainability and the Environmental Student Assembly have partnered with Ink for Education to recycle ink cartridges and ease the burden of student loans! 

Individuals who register with Ink for Education reach out to local businesses, encouraging them to donate old ink cartridges to the cause. As cartridges are collected and recycled, the money adds up and is used towards educational expenses and/or redudcing student loan debt.. The IFE program, in addition to providing more affordable education to the nation's youth, also creates more jobs in the recycling sector and helps quell the ecological hazard that stems from an estimated 700 million ink and toner cartridges being dumped into landfills each year.  

The IFE program is also sponsored by the Hero Appreciation Network, which has pledged a total of $100,000 in scholarship support to USC undergraduates over the next five years.  These Hero Appreciation Network scholarships, named in memory of a fallen hero, will help to reduce loan debt for scholarship recipients. 

How it works

1.  Sign up to be a donor at  

2.  After you are registered you can start working with businesses to collect their old cartridges.