USC Student Energy Network (USCENE)

The USC Energy Institute has created an opportunity for students from all disciplines to participate in a student network and learn about the future of energy with a focus on low carbon and more sustainable energy sources, technologies, practices, and policies.  This network will provide an opportunity for students to network with fellow students, faculty, and outside experts through a series of discussions, meetings and field trips throughout the school years.

USCENE will accept up to 75 students, both undergraduate and graduate, from a diverse variety of different schools, departments, and programs.  Students will be required to attend at least two of the network activities each semester to remain in the group and will be encouraged to participate in planning and organizing activities and helping maintain the website. Students will be members of the network for 2 semesters.

To apply for the network, students need to submit a one-page statement of your interest in the USCENE as it relates to energy HERE. The page needs to include your name, contact information, major field of study, and class year. In addition, you need to describe your interests in being a member of the network which may include your general interests in energy issues or thoughts on how you may use the knowledge gained during the activities of the network. At the end of the year, each student member in good standing will receive a certificate of participation and take home invaluable knowledge of about the future of energy.

Mark Bernstein, Managing Director


University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0706

Phone: (213) 740-6709