USC Hospitality: Sustainable Dining

USC Hospitality recognizes the importance of meeting the needs of the campus without compromising the health of students, employees, or the environment. By initiating several efforts with our practices and attitudes, we hope to reduce our negative impact on the environment by eliminating excess waste and reducing natural resource consumption.

Sustainable dining initiatives include: 

Grease Recycling: 100% of kitchen grease is recycled.
Post-consumer Food Waste: USC owns and operates two food pulpers in the main residential dining kitchens that help USC recycle 100% of the post-consumer food waste at Parkside and EVK Dining Commons.  This food waste is then mulched and used for fertilizer or turned into other organic products.
Recycled Paper Products:   All of the napkins, paper towels, coffee sleeves, and paper product disposable food containers used in USC Hospitality are made from 100% recycled materials and are completely recyclable. 
Local Sourcing: Nearly all of USC Hospitality’s food inventory is purchased from local food distributors, and they also purchase directly from local food producers.  6% of USC Hospitality's food and beverage products are purchased from local producers.
Food Donations: USC Hospitality donates its unused, un-served prepared food to the Los Angeles Mission.