USC Center for Sustainable Cities

An organized research unit housed in the School of Public Policy and Development (SPPD), the Center for Sustainable Cities focuses on multi-disciplinary sustainable research.

The center was established about 10 years ago and has been working on the environmental challenges facing metropolitan areas. With its interdisciplinary faculty, strengths in urban planning, real estate development, transportation, and metropolitan governance, and its rich research portfolio, SPPD provides an ideal home for the Center for Sustainable Cities.

The Center's three thematic areas of research are: cities and climate change, industrial ecology and business sustainability, and sustainability policy and governance. The center also organizes seminars and conferences for students to learn the depths in sustainability research.

The Center for Sustainable Cities also offers a Sustainable Cities Graduate Certificate through SPPD. The Sustainable Cities Graduate Certificate program is a multidisciplinary certificate program open to USC students pursuing graduate degrees in many disciplines.  This program seeks to equip graduate students with both the requisite knowledge of other fields and the political, interpersonal and communication skills necessary to succeed in research and practical contexts.

Center Staff:

Hilda Blanco, Research Professor, Interim Director

Dr. Josh Newell, Research Assistant Professor

Chris Weare, Research Associate Professor



Certificate Website: