Students for Environmental Enterprise (SEE)

Mission Statement: To facilitate collaboration within the USC community on sustainable initiatives and implementation of green technology.

Description of Organization: Students for Environmental Enterprise is a consortium of future leaders in business, engineering, public policy, and science that serves as a platform between USC's different colleges where top students may meet, socialize, and collaborate on environmental endeavors. They seek to head up student efforts in the areas of green technology, environmental policy, green business, and host environmental leaders in said arenas who wish to present and educate the USC community.

Students for Environmental Enterprise focuses on bringing together environmentally-oriented student organizations in an effort to advance sustainability concepts and clean technology projects at USC. It serves as a support network for students to collaborate, showcase, and implement original ideas amongst one another. It is also a means for students to both incorporate the counsel of and to potentially work with industry leaders on project development and implementation of sustainability concepts and technologies.

Current Eco-Initiatives: Within SEE, the group's primary concern involves furthering implementation of alternative energies on USC's campus including: fuel cells, photovoltaic solar panels, and concentrated thermal panels along with other sustainable solutions. At this stage, this is manifesting in the form of passing a green fund. Such a fund would come from student fees and would be controlled by a committee of students, staff, and faculty. This would allow projects--proposed by students, staff, or faculty--that formerly wouldn't have received funding to become realities.

Moving outside the realms of their membership, they seek to form a tighter-knit environmental community on campus. This has evolved into the coordination of the Sustainability Leadership Committee (SLC), a consortium of environmentally-geared student organizations that acts as a forum for communication and transparent collaboration between student organizations. They believe that this will provide an opportunity for all of the organizations to meet monthly, be appraised of what projects each are working on, and thus contribute ideas, resources, and experience. It will also foster a creative engine for generating premium-quality sustainability projects to be implemented at USC. The key to the implementation of such projects is the passage of a green fund at USC. The group is planning on using the insight, staff and faculty connections, and volunteer bases of other groups involved with the SLC to make this a reality.

They also facilitate student involvement in outside conferences, as well as bringing speakers in the field to USC.

Past Eco-Accomplishments: This organization is new for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Future Eco-Goals: SEE would like to bring industry leaders pioneering sustainability in their respective fields to speak with students at USC about topics of interest in the sustainability space. The hope is that this would provide students the opportunity to work with industry leaders on their companies'; current and future sustainability initiatives and alternative energy projects. However, the group is always be open to new ideas and will strive to reflect the needs, priorities, and aspirations of its members and community.

Current Organization Leaders: Kareem Khulusi,, Senior

Sydney Morical,, Junior

Micah Greenberg,, Junior

Kelsey Mclane,, Senior

Amine Tayara,, Senior

Stephen Holle,, Junior

Nathaniel Kinsey,, Sophomore

Member obligations: Members must attend weekly meetings and attempt to attend conferences/events/trade shows involving sustainable technologies and practices in order to keep up to date with the most recent initiatives and projects. It's also expected that members will take on spearheading clean technology and alternative energy projects and initiatives at USC and serve as resources for other student organizations. Punctuality and persistent commitment are musts.