Loker Hydrocarbon Institute

Hydrocarbons derived from petroleum, natural gas, and coal are essential to modern life in many ways. Recognizing the growth of hydrocarbon research at USC, in 1989 Donald and Katherine Loker donated funds to construct the Loker Institute on the University Park Campus. 

The institute's objectives include pursuing the long range development of the hydrocarbon industry, developing new fuels and materials, providing environmental sustainable solutions to energy generation problems, facilitating the international exchange of hydrocarbon information, and training researchers in the field.  Additionally, the institute seeks to foster a close inter-disciplinary relationship with the chemical, petroleum, gas and energy industries, and governmental agencies.

At the forefront of the institue's research is its founding director, Dr. Olah, whose work on synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry. Additionally, his groundbreaking research on the chemistry of carbocations earned him the 1994 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


George A. Olah (Nobel Laureate) Founding Director and Distinguished Professor

G.K. Surya Prakash (Director) 


Loker Hydrocarbon Institute

University of Southern California

University Park

Los Angeles, CA 90089-1661

Phone: 740-5962

Fax: 740-6679

Website: http://www.usc.edu/dept/chemistry/loker/