eARThly Creations

Mission Statement: To teach the USC student body about environmental issues by means of arts and crafts.

Description of Organization: This club promotes creativity, individuality, and sustainability by doing crafts. The goal is to give USC students the opportunity to relax by doing art projects and to teach the public to cherish the environment. Activities include: tie-dye, friendship bracelets, hemp braiding, shirt decorating, daisy chains, and beading.

Current Eco-initiatives: This organization has always been about raising awareness of environmental issues by promoting conservation habits in daily life. By bringing enjoyable, artistic activities to the USC community they foster their own community where everyone shares and learns ideas on sustainable living. They believe that this will build the overall environmental consciousness on campus...while having fun at the same time!

Location and Time of Meetings: Varies by month

Current Organization Leaders: Ruby Shapiro ('12) and Nina Gordon-Kirsch ('12)


Member Obligations: There aren't any obligations, so anyone can be a member! They encourage everyone to stop by their events at anytime. Suggestions for creative projects are always appreciated!