Community Fruit Pick-and-Preserve Workshop

Students for Environmental Enterprise presents USC’s first community fruit pick and preservation workshop over President’s Day weekend.


South Central LA is often referred to as a concrete jungle, but USC’s Students for Environmental Enterprise (SEE) provide an opportunity to view the area as a neighborhood orchard. On Saturday February 18th community members and USC students will gather together at the USC Community Garden and walk around the neighborhood to pick fruit that would otherwise go uneaten.


Food Forward, a volunteer-based grassroots foundation, will provide the picking “infrastructure” and educate the participants on how to keep trees healthy and productive. Some of the collected fruit will go to Community Service Unlimited, a nonprofit that is working to establish sustainable local fruit to fuel low cost produce stands in South Central LA. The event will be bilingual in Spanish and English.


Following the fruit pick, there will be an interactive fruit-preserving workshop. Taught by Susan Nickles, a certified Master Preserver, the workshop will teach attendees techniques to preserve and utilize fruit harvested from trees in the area. The lesson is free and open to all, so please reserve your space quickly. Call Ale Vargas-Johnson (510-213-3777 habla español) or email Sydney Morical ( to reserve your space.


Event Details:

Fruit Pick

Saturday, Februrary 18th, 10am-2pm. Meet at the USC Community Garden (3015 Shrine Place).

Food Preservation Workshop

2:30-5:30pm in the United University Church – downstairs at 817 West 34th Street.


Guests are welcome to attend one or both events. Please see flyers below or contact Sydney Morical for more information (

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Community Fruit Pick-and-Preserve Workshop
Community Fruit Pick-and-Preserve Workshop