Building Electricity and Greenhouse Gas Dashboards

Detailed electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions data is now available online for more than 49 of USC's campus buildings. 

Check it out here

The USC Sustainability Office collaborated closely with Facilities Management Services and software vendor Perillon to develop its building electricity and greenhouse gas dashboard system. The dashboards are updated nightly and contain high-resolution data for the past 3 months for all USC buildings that have smart electricity meters


The USC Electricity and Greenhouse Gas Building Dashboards are refreshed nightly with data from more than 170 of USC's smart electricity meters. The USC campuses use a network of "device servers" to store electricity consumption data every 15 minutes throughout the campuses.

Every night the device servers automatically send electricity consumption data to a central MySQL server where it is stored and backed up. This data is then used to calculate electricity consumption by the various groups requiring electricity at USC and to conduct the billing.  

A select set of data from the central server is exported nightly and immediately imported into the USC Electricity and Greenhouse Gas Building Dashboards server, where it automatically undergoes a series of calculations to determine greenhouse gas emissions.

The software used for the dashboards makes it easy for lay users to query millions of rows of data using the simple graphical user interface.