The Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

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The Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism is the first school at USC to certify all staff departments through the Green Office Certification Program.  This certification program gives students, staff, and faculty members a framework for implementing sustainable practices in their workplaces.  This program has numerous offices on campus such as the Trojan Marching Band office and the Office of Religious Life, but Annenberg is the first school to be entirely green seal certified.  The Green Office Certification Program utilizes an online calculator that analyzes eight different aspects of sustainability: green information technology, networking and awareness, recycling, food and beverages, transportation, energy management, office supplies, and green innovations.  Looking at these eight aspects of sustainability, the Green Office Certification Program makes suggestions as to how an office can improve its sustainable efforts and become certified.


The Annenberg Committee is a group of Annenberg staff and faculty that has been integral to the Green Office Certification of all of Annenberg.  Among other endeavors, the Annenberg Committee has successfully placed recycling bins in all common areas, implemented multiple timed light switches, and set double-sided default settings to most Xerox devices.  The Annenberg School has also lowered its energy consumption 5-6% annually by implementing a more efficient HVAC system.  Lowering energy consumption by 5% results in an estimated savings of $10,600 annually, saving 97,564.5 lbs of coal and mitigating 285,868 lbs emitted CO2.


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