Annenberg Committee

The Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism is taking big strides towards sustainability. Its facilities office was the first office on campus to receive a platinum-level certification from the USC Sustainability Office for their participation in the USC Green Office Certification Program. The school has conducted sustainability conferences to further push for the Greening of Annenberg. 

The Annenberg Committee is comprised of staff and faculty from the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism. Among the many student projects,  the group is currently working towards lowering energy consumption throughout Annenberg, and aiming to get offices and suites certified through the USC Green Office Certification Program.  

Annenberg has also worked towards energizing students to participate in discussion groups and develop ideas to make Annenberg more eco-friendly.  As a result, Annenberg now has:

  • New recycle bins placed in all of the common areas 
  • Multiple light switches that are on a timer to save energy 
  • Most of its Xerox devices printing double-sided as a default 
  • Several offices that have been certified through the Green Office Certification Program
  • A more efficient HVAC schedule, thereby saving between 5% to 6% in the building's energy consumption

For more information about the Annenberg Committee, contact Ray Barkley: