Trojan Sustainability

A Program of USC Sustainability and Trojan Athletics:

Introducing Green Teams! 

Trojan Sustainability's Green Teams Program encourages teams to minimize their impacts on the environment. By considering everyday practices like transportation, water and energy use, and food consumption, the Green Teams Program is working to promote long-term sustainability within USC Athletics and club sports teams. 

The program has also fostered a friendly competition between the various teams as they strive for stewardship of the environment. Four tiers of certification - Trojan, Gold, Cardinal, and unranked - distinguish the leaders of the campaign for sustainability, while also highlighting best-practices that may be employed by other teams interested in contributing.

Trojan Sustainability has certified two varsity teams and one club sports team.


Women's Sand Volleyball

The national champion USC Women's Beach Volleyball team earned "Cardinal" level certification from Trojan Sustainability's Green Teams Program. 
The team adopted several green practices during the 2014-15 season, such as carpooling to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and recycling in their locker room to minimize waste accumulation in landfills. The athletes have also given their time, organizing beach clean-ups and volunteering at the USC Urban Garden where students, faculty, staff, and community members are educated about organic, sustainable gardening practices. 
Coach Andrew Fuller and team member Lorna Brandt were key in promoting the team's sustainability efforts, and we're proud to have the entire team on board. The USC Sand Volleyball team capped a perfect 28-0 season with a national championship win over Long Beach State in May.

Women's Rowing

The USC Women's Rowing team earned "Gold" level certification for their sustainability practices during the past season. 
Proving that innovation is a crucial component of sustainability, the team developed its own zero-waste plan, installed low flow attachments on their locker room appliances, and started recycling in their boathouse at the Port of Los Angeles. Team members also volunteered their time at the USC Urban Garden. 
Assistant Coach Ligita Kaviere was responsible for first introducing this initiative to her team, and has been an essential liaison with the Office of Sustainability. We are very excited about their partnership! The USC Women's Rowing team finished 15th at this year's NCAA championships.

Men's Club Lacrosse

The USC Men's Club Lacrosse team has demonstrated outstanding leadership in sports sustainability, earning"Trojan" level Green Team certification for their environmental efforts, the highest possible. 
The team brought sustainable practices to all components of their operations. They minimized paper use, opting for digital means instead. They also limited their waste output, using refillable water bottles, and helped implement recycling at USC's Cromwell Field. 
Head coach Chris Boland and team member Joshua Blockstein served as the main coordinators of the team's sustainability efforts. We congratulate the entire team! The USC Men's Club Lacrosse team finished the year with a 13-5 rout over crosstown rival UCLA at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.