Office of Sustainability staff and students

Halli Bovia

Sustainability Programs ManagerHalli Bovia

Through her career, Halli Bovia has been committed to the advancement of sustainability at institutions of higher education. Halli introduced ambitious programs designed to encourage sustainable practices while also engaging campus stakeholders. Since 2011, Her leadership of USC’s Office of Sustainability was marked by strong coalition building and it reaped successful partnerships, including the one of the largest zero waste stadiums in the United States, a robust athletics sustainability program, a student green fund, a university-wide sustainability plan, and the establishment of an annual Earth Month. Prior to her tenure at USC, Halli served in a similar position at California State University, Chico, where she authored the university’s Climate Action Plan, managed a comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory, and launched a Zipcar car-sharing alternative transportation program. Halli holds a Bachelors in Biological Science and a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies: Ecology and Sustainability.

After an extraordinary tenure at USC, Halli left the university in October 2017 to pursue a career as a financial advisor.  We are now accepting applications for this position.



Erin Fabris

Sustainability Coordinator, USC Housing

Erin started at USC Housing in summer 2015. Since then she has worked on a variety of projects from the energy conservation competition to low-flow fixture upgrades to creating a more sustainable move-out. Before USC, Erin was at the Bren School, studying the environmental impacts of the film industry. She holds a Bachelors in Aquatic Biology and a Masters of Environmental Science and Management from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She likes funfetti cupcakes, being outside, and is a sucker for cute animals.


Jessica Cohen

Waste Manager

Jessica is USC’s Waste and Recycling Administrator, although she prefers the title, “Recycle Queen.” Before joining the university as staff in the fall of 2016, she attended USC and graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Studies and a minor in Spanish. Her hope is to create a campus culture where sustainability is second nature to the students through various waste diversion programs such as campus-wide recycling and compost stations. Jessica is an ardent USC and Tennessee Titans football fanatic, look for her educating tailgaters on waste diversion next season!


Carol Fern

Director of Energy Services

Carol Fern is the Director of Energy Services at the University of Southern California (2009-present).  Prior to joining USC, she worked as an engineer at Syska Hennessy Group (2004-2009), the 10th largest mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) engineering firm in the United States.  She was also the Director of Comfort Systems at ESS Engineering, a full service, full life cycle environmental consulting and engineering firm (1991-2003) located in Tempe, AZ.  Carol obtained her M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan in 1987, and has been certified in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design by the US Green Buildings Council.  She brings extensive and varied experience in energy and building control management from both the private and public sectors.  She has over twenty five years of experience with building facility operations, mechanical and HVAC projects, and sustainable energy-focused products, services, and their applications. Carol is actively engaged in collaborating with the environmental research community, providing them with information and data for analysis.    She is very passionate about continuous improvement in operations and energy management systems.  In addition, she oversees the Management Information Systems Department, which provides application development and support, user education and training, accounting data, and business information management consultancy support for USC’s FMS & CCD administrators, supervisors, support staff, work crews and the campus community at large.